Connie Dacles A Tech & Design Guru


connie dacles

Helping service-based businesses in managing the technical aspect of their operations so they can focus on working with their clients.


My Services

I will setup and design a beautiful and highly converting website or landing pages for you using the ff. platforms:

WordPress, Wix, Groove, Squarespace, Kajabi, Kartra, Thinkific, Teachable, Tekmatix, Influencersoft, New Zenler, Systeme

I will set up, design, and automate your email campaigns using the ff. platforms:

Convertkit, ActiveCampaign, Mailerlite, Mailchimp, Groove, GetResponse, Flodesk, Klaviyo, Systeme, Tekmatix

I will create beautiful and compelling graphics which you can utilize for your:

Website, Social Posts, Newsletters, Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Business Cards, Logo

I will setup and design your sales funnels using the following platforms:

WordPress, Kajabi, Kartra, Clickfunnels, Leadpages, Tekmatix, Influencersoft,  ActiveCampaign, Groove, New Zenler, Systeme

I will help you solve your technical issues involving the following:

Websites, Payment Gateways, Funnels, Affiliate Marketing System, Email Automation

I will set up and design your e-commerce site with the ff. platforms:

Shopify, Woocommerce, Printful



Having hired VA’s in the past, I was a bit apprehensive about how it would be going forward.

Connie changed my mind and erased every single hesitation I had.

Connie is a wonderful woman who is kind, a total team player, takes initiative, and is highly reliable. She is a natural leader and inspires those around her to also be supportive and do their work. I am so grateful to have Connie on my team!

In terms of Connie’s communication, it has been really good. I find that she keeps me in the loop, touches base if she needs anything, and is just generally very easy to work with.

Connie has worked on a number of projects with my business, including web designs and web refreshes in Squarespace, WordPress, and Wix. She has also done quite a bit of work for me in Kajabi. Connie has delivered such high quality work so consistently that I have complete trust in her. She is amazing.

Connie has been a complete delight to work with and has drastically changed and improved the team. I have not had any issues with her, and hope that she stays with me for a long time!

Lindsay Stead

Business Coach, Agency Owner


Connie has provided us an invaluable service. Her expertise has set the tone for our online clothing shop. She was always 100% available and went above and beyond anything that was asked of her. I felt like she treated my business as her own and I am very grateful to have had her input on our site during our nascient stages. Thank you Connie!

Yelena Maltsev

Shop Owner

I have had the pleasure of partnering with Connie for the past 7 months and seeing first hand her drive and passion for serving others. She brings a wide range of experience and knowledge in the design and tech field along with a strong desire to solve your most complicated tech problems for you. She is a very open and honest communicator who values and respects her clients. I appreciate how reliable and independent she is along with her ability to adapt to a team environment. I am grateful everyday for the opportunity to work with Connie and know that anyone who works with her will feel supported and cared for.

Chelsey Bernhard


Hi, I'm Connie!

I’m a happy, and fulfilled work-at-home mompreneur. Taking my first steps to being one wasn’t easy, but I’m glad I did. Why? I wanted to be able to successfully integrate my dream of becoming a freelance web designer and digital marketer, while looking after my 2 kids.

Taking that first step is always the most difficult, but I can assure you that it can be done. Prior to me becoming a home-based freelancer, I worked in the corporate world for a whopping 17 years! I discovered that all those years, I was deluded into thinking that I could, and why not?! It was my comfort zone! The truth was, deepdown inside, I always felt that something was missing. I wanted more freedom and opportunities to explore and work on my talents and bring out my creativity. What did I do? I made that so-called leap of faith.

Today, I now cater to multiple clients by setting up the backend of their business and creating professional websites that help them promote their businesses through the services I offer. And because I have successfully built a career out of my talents, I have also been teaching aspiring tech VAs and web designers since year 2019.


Why work with me?




I value my client's TIME

I work with INTEGRITY


My process

Step 1
Book a Call with Me

I would love to know more about your business, your struggles, and goals; and see if we're fit to work together. 

Step 2
Let's Hop on a Quick Call

During this phase, I will ask some details about your business, your target market, your assets, your tech or marketing issues, and your goals.

Step 3
Strategy Document Creation

After our call, I'm going to craft a strategy document and proposal specifically for your needs. This will be presented via another Zoom call after 2-3 days.

Step 4
Contract Signing

I'll ask your preferred investment option and email you my proposal for your signature. Then, I'll make an invoice for the upfront / downpayment fee.

Step 5

Once the upfront fee is settled, I'm going to create a Trello workspace for our project. I use Trello in managing my clients' tasks / projects.

Step 6
Werk! Werk! Werk!

It is during this phase that I'm gonna tackle your project/tasks. The timeline varies depending on the complexity of the task.

Final Step
You launch!

After all the tasks are done and tested, I'm going to create an offboarding Loom video for you and you're good to launch! CONGRATULATIONS! ^_^

Want to know the best online marketing strategy for your business?


Choose a package

Basic Package

$400 / 3 weeks
  • Funnel Setup & Design
  • Tech Troubleshooting
  • Email Automation
  • Online Course Setup & Design

Professional Package

25 hours
$750 / 1.5 mos
  • Funnel Setup & Design
  • Tech Troubleshooting
  • Email Automation
  • Online Course Setup & Design

Business Package

40 hours
$1080 / 2.5 mos
  • Funnel Setup & Design
  • Tech Troubleshooting
  • Email Automation
  • Online Course Setup & Design